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2020 and 2021 are over, everything is finally coming back to normal after being hit by COVID-19.

But don’t you feel different?

Do you feel like your business is running at a much slower pace than what it used to?

Not getting those jobs done quite as quickly as what you’d like?

Or need?

We’ve got just the solution that’ll up the ante and skyrocket your productivity like there’s no tomorrow.

A key factor to having your business thrive is boosting the morale of the workers on site.

We guarantee your colleagues will be shouting your praises for years to come once they get their hands on one of these 3 Attachments.


Crusher Bucket


First up on our list is the Crusher Bucket.

There’s nothing better than having the flexibility to crush material anywhere on site without the use of a fixed plant.

Grab a load of material with our crusher bucket, get a fresh pile going yourself or swing over the back of the truck and load her up as it crushes. It’s that easy.

You also have the freedom of adjusting the jaw opening switching up the size of material of which you produce.

You’ll be cutting down job overheads and working more efficiently by having crushing capabilities available on any site, any size.

The crusher bucket will be extremely handy with the rate of production and efficiency around the site getting the best out of every hour.


Next up we have our Rotating Screening Bucket.

Rotating Screening Bucket

Have you ever been shaking the shit out of your sieve bucket trying to separate those rocks from the dirt.
Then end up wearing down your pins and getting your whole machine rebored?
That can be avoided with a rotary screen bucket.
With a HARDOX500 front lip, the main body is fabricated from 450-grade steel to provide maximum strength and abrasion resistance, and a 350-grade hitch to protect from cracking and torsional forces.
Specced up to take a hit, this attachment will make screening a piece of cake with rotations upwards of 60 per minute. Allowing you to get through material in a blink of an eye.
These Screening Buckets also have interchangeable screens, giving you the ability to swap out different sizes for different applications.
Rather than having to commit to multiple sieve buckets, or boring out pins, you can get it all sorted with this incredible piece of equipment.
To finish off this list of unreal attachments, is the Concrete Pulveriser.

Concrete Pulveriser

Would you like to stand out above the rest?
If you’re after an attachment to amp up the productivity around the site, this is the one for you.
These concrete pulverisers give you the ability to tear down structures, recycle demolition waste, the crushing of concrete and the separation of rebars by the shear force that it can dish out.
That’s right, all that with just this one attachment.
Our model uses HARDOX500 for the teeth and jaw facing to ensure that you get the most out of the attachment. As well as the cutting blade provided allowing you to chop up reo into more manageable pieces, making recycling an easy task.
Just to put the cherry on top, the cutting blade is reversible and interchangeable, for added functionality.
These features make the attachment the most accurate, efficient, and convenient for material recovery in the industry.
With the ability to do these jobs on site you’ll save a significant amount of time and resources for demolition and recycling operations.
For any more information on any of these attachments, you can request a 30 second quick quote or contact any of our in-house specialists on 1300 295 369.
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