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Are You Leaving Money On The Table? | Aussie Buckets

Are You Leaving Money On The Table? | Aussie Buckets

To rent equipment simply 'making do' with inefficient processes or to get the job done properly?


To gain the professional edge over your competitors and deliver the best results and make a profit, you need to know what costs your business will incur to achieve your desired outcome. Whether you're scoping a new job, consulting with prospective clients, or involved with tendering for small or large projects, your ability to price your proposals competitively is imperative.


One of the most challenging decisions for earthmoving business owners is to buy or rent equipment. The best approach is looking at the job to be carried out; how often you will use the attachment in question? What kind of routine maintenance and operating expense might you incur?.


Smaller equipment generally can be purchased, considering they are resourceful and can frequently be used within the company.


On the other hand, larger equipment or job-specific equipment should be assessed before making the right decision. This is where you need to consider the frequency of usage and the associated costs, both upfront and ongoing. Generally speaking, an attachment is to be treated as an investment; if you don't want to invest, you might want to rent.


Sometimes the upfront cost isn't reflective of long-term value; it's up to you to assess your business needs or consult with one of our specialists for relevant industry advice.


If you're a contractor involved in tendering for projects, large or small, then you know better than anyone that your success revolves around not only your ability to win the contracts but also to ensure you cost them competitively, as well as make a profit from them. This can be tricky because you need to show excellent value for money and are expected to provide value and complete the job on time and within budget.


Why Custom-built Attachments Are Dramatically More Efficient


We're familiar with the processes surrounding our industry. We know a simple fact that if you save time, you will increase profits by increasing customer benefits. Jobs will get done faster, and you'll start to take on more jobs; you're presented with multiple opportunities to complete tasks to a higher standard, resulting in you making more money and growing a successful business.


Why buy a prefabbed, adjustable, corner-cutting attachment for your business's most valuable asset? At Aussie Buckets, we believe every customer is entitled to only the highest quality and purposefully built gear on the market. At Aussie Buckets, we fabricate on-demand and manufacture every individual attachment precisely to the specs of your machine and for a good reason. When you want a job done right, there's no excuse for cutting corners.


Not only will you receive an attachment fine-tuned to the specifications of your machine, but you receive an investment for the future of your business. When considering your next investment consider the following 5 points;

  • Your Application

Different applications have different requirements, don't risk wasting money on the wrong attachment and talk to our attachment specialist about any applications to ensure you are making a suitable investment.

  • The Heaviest/Harshest Material to be Handled

While your bucket/attachment may be used with different types of materials, it is essential to ensure your bucket can handle the harshest material you expect it to encounter. If you desire to use the bucket 80% of the time in topsoil and 20% in gravel and you must use the same bucket, it's worth choosing a bucket capable of handling gravel; otherwise, your bucket will wear prematurely.

  • What are Optional Wear Accessories Required?

Appropriate wear parts choices are guided by your proposed applications and the materials being handled. Buckets can wear prematurely without the necessary wear parts and require refurbishment/replacement far sooner, so this is important to consider when buying an excavator bucket. Our specialists can help identify which wear accessories you may need.

  • Coupling

Quick Hitches allow operators to switch between attachments quickly and easily, saving massive amounts of time compared to a direct mount. Why worry about reliability and decreased structural integrity? Why bother with mass-produced adjustable pins when you can operate stress-free knowing your hitch is fabricated 100% in line with your excavator specifications.

  • The Limitations of your Machine

Our excavator was designed and built with different features and limitations; these must be considered when choosing an excavator bucket. Aussie Buckets maintains a library of countless machines, their specifications, and any related information to ensure that your attachment is the right fit for your machine. Attaching an ill-fitted attachment can not only be dangerous, but it also poses severe risks to your machine. A too large/heavy bucket can damage the boom, the arm, the hydraulic system, or your hitch. Too small, and your machine is inefficient, costing you time and money.

Limitations of Aussie Buckets Excavator machine

So Are You Leaving Money On The Table?


Our range of heavy-duty excavator attachments and buckets are the hardest working on the market. Built tough using high strength 400 grade or equivalent steel, supported by the presence of Hardox wear elements or structural members, mean our gear is designed to maximise your profits.


Knowing how to choose the correct excavator attachments for the right job could be the difference between getting the project completed on time (and within budget) and not between being successful or failing.


At Aussie Buckets, we are passionate about designing high-performance excavator buckets and attachments that enable businesses to reach their fullest potential.


Read this article to learn how your choice to invest in an Aussie Buckets excavator attachment can increase your profits & competitive advantage significantly. Get the most suitable attachment is to get your job done – faster and more efficiently. Don't leave any money on the table for grabbing; seize the opportunity today!


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